About The Lazy Caveman

Why “The Lazy Caveman”?

The way my brain works, if there isn’t an easily identifiable efficient method of accomplishing a task, I’m far less likely to actually complete that task. So really, the “laziness” comes from a desire to spend time accomplishing things that I do enjoy, rather than tackling the mundane task of nutrition optimization. Basically, spend your time doing the things you love, not worry about your food.

The Caveman bit comes from the fact that our ancestors definitely provided us with clues to our optimal diet, but that it is up to science to prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt. I don’t consider myself a “modern Grok” or anything like that; even the Paleo label itself is limiting. I believe that we should be eating whole, real food that doesn’t make us sick. The rest is just gravy.

The Author

Badier Velji received his BS from Harvey Mudd College and now operates The Lazy Caveman Health and Wellness in beautiful Mountain View, CA. In addition to coaching personal clients, he is active in the SF Bay Area Paleo community, runs the Nutrition Program at CrossFit Palo Alto and is a moderator at the Robb Wolf Forums. If you have fan mail, new recipes, articles or are interested in one-on-one coaching, email him at contact at thelazycaveman.com



Continuing Education & Certifications

Paleo Solution Seminar – Robb Wolf – March 2011

Whole9 Foundations of Nutrition Workshop – Dallas and Melissa Hartwig – March 2011

MovNat Fundamentals Workshop – Clifton Harski – April 2011

Ancestral Health Symposium – August 2011

Whole 9 Envoy Extraordinaire – August 2011

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer – October 2011

Interviews, Guest Posts and Appearances

UnRx Podcast – July 2011
Low-Carb Conversations with Jimmy Moore & Friends – September 2011
“Going The Extra Mile” – The Five Tribe – June 1st, 2011

  • Morgan

    Rock on Badier!! I'm totally digging your site!

    I really like the recipes part. Good job dude!

  • Elaine Guerra

    Badier, this is awesome! It suits my personality and my philosophy. Tell me when you franchise to So Cal. BTW, I have chickens in my backyard (30 to be exact) because nothing beats a "real" egg!

  • http://www.bookmoose.com Mat Glover

    Hey, I have been on the Paleo eating program (abhor the term 'Diet') for about 45 days now, results seen positve but recently had a very bad experience. Ordered out Thai food from a local rest. (Drunken Noodle) as a reward for personal reasons, …. bad decision! The noodles ( likely rice-based) gave me incredible pain from my testes through my abdomen and stomach for the next 16 or so hours. I still feal pangs after 20 hours. I have eaten a few Japanese dishes (Sushi) with rice and felt no ill effects. I did not realize that going back to certain foods would cause this type of reaction. Any others out there had similar experiences?

    • http://www.thelazycaveman.com The Lazy Caveman

      Hi Mat,
      Totally not an uncommon experience. What is likely happening is that because you've removed a lot of food toxins, your level of systemic inflammation is reduced, and your body will only start to react to true sensitivities/allergies. It's not that Paleo makes you "more sensitive" to certain foods but really you're uncovering the truth about how your body reacts. Believe me when I say it's a better place to be because now your body will only react to true toxins instead of to everything, and your chance of developing an autoimmune condition is greatly reduced.

  • Michelle

    how do I subscribe? :)

    • http://www.thelazycaveman.com The Lazy Caveman

      Hi Michelle,
      There's a little RSS button on the upper right that you can use to subscribe with any browser or reader like Google Reader.